Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two weeks old

MacKenzie is now two weeks old. She is changing daily and is growing faster than we can keep up with. It is a little sad for us to grab clothes she hasn't worn yet, hold it up to her, and realize that cramming her long body into a little bitty outfit would be more frustrating than beneficial. Fortunately for us, there have only been a few onesies that she has not been able to wear. We have tried to put everything else on her at least once. She is also learning that her body does not have to be curled up into a ball all the time anymore. As you can see in the picture below she does enjoy stretching out quite a bit.

We do not have a plethora of new information to report about little Miss MacKenzie. We have really enjoyed watching her expressions and growth over the past week. We have had a few rough nights, but it is only because she likes to stay awake while mommy and daddy want to sleep. She has not been crying a huge deal once one of us get up with her to rock her, which is good because at least one of us is getting sleep while the other one is up with her. This is my baby girl almost exactly two weeks after she was born.

We go to the pediatrician tomorrow for her two week appointment. We are hoping she is back at her birth weight (I would be very surprised if she has not surpassed that) and that everything checks out good.

In other news, Mattie has been doing awesome at the bank the past few months. We have needed a bit of a boost in business and that boost has appeared several times over. Mattie is enjoying his job, but I think he misses his girl (girls) when he is at work. Apparently my classes are being little darlings while I am gone (sarcasm) which is making it that much easier for me to want to go back in December and January (more sarcasm).

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