Saturday, November 21, 2009

4 weeks old!

A friend of ours...Cassidy tries to write a "letter" to her baby girl every month to watch her progress so I thought I would try to do the same her.

Today you are 4 weeks old and Mommy and Daddy are a little shocked as to where the time went. Four weeks ago today Mommy was lying in a hospital bed with you near by in your bassinet and to be quite truthful I was a little shell shocked. One minute we were impatiently awaiting your arrival and the next minute you were here (or at least that is how it seems now). You have changed so much in the past 4 weeks. You have grown so much too! It is amazing to see you stretching and filling out your bassinet, clothes, and our arms. You barely seem like a newborn to us anymore. We laugh as we put on some of your clothes and see that the arms or legs don't quite reach down to your ankles or wrists! You have already gained a lot of control over your neck and back muscles so you surprise us when you lift your head off of our chests when we hold you. Today, Mommy set you down on your play mat so she could use the restroom and when she came back you had rolled over to your side! We love to watch you smile in your sleep and we feel like real smiles will be greeting us soon along with a laugh or two. You have begun to reach out for things and although it will be some time before you are successful, Mommy and Daddy love when you reach out for our face! One of the favorite things that you do is when you are sleeping and relaxed and you throw your hands in the air like a little rapper. Mommy and Daddy cannot help but laugh at that. You are an amazing eater and we are proud to watch you eat well and to see you grow as the days go by. You like to sleep on your side, unless someone is holding you and then you just like to sleep! You are becoming more and more alert each day and Daddy loves holding you as you look around the room. You are most alert if there are lights on because you like to stare at the lights like a little bug! We have spent lots of time with Grammy KiKi and Poppy, and know that there are many other family members and friends who want to spend more time with you. We are excited to see where the next month takes us, know that our heart grows more and more for you each day. We love you MacKenzie!

Hand holding!

Big feet

Our little Family

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mmnevill said...

Rolling already? Even rolling to the side is a big step!