Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random things I keep leaving out

Here are a few shots from my "belly" photo shoot with my step father. We had to do the obligatory Mom and Dad compare their belly shot!
Matt was exceptionally sweet and good natured and let his love for our little baby show in the pictures!
This was my idea...we are hoping to go through some of them and send them to blue bell in hopes of getting free ice cream for life!

We also have been slowly going through the plethora of pictures that we have surrounding MacKenzie's birth. I began to tear up a little looking through the pictures from the day she was born, she has been such a blessing to us!

This picture is the last picture of Mattie and I as "non parents", this is right before we started to push
And this is our first family photo! We are all pinked out! Matt went out into the waiting room wearing a pink shirt (he also had a blue shirt packed) and all moms who have delivered get the pink gown. It was a nice coincidence that it goes with our little girl!

Also last Monday, MacKenzie got to meet her Uncle Martin. Matt's parents and Martin came down to visit for the day. Uncle Martin interacted with MacKenzie perfectly laughing at her and all of her expressions. I think they will have a wonderful relationship some day. I didn't get any pictures of Martin with MacKenzie, but Deb has some, we will see if we can wrangle them away from her.

Lastly, a lot of people have been asking what we call our little girl. A lot of times we are still using Baby girl, Sweetie, and names of that nature. I have gotten into the weird habit of calling her "Girlfriend" especially when she is fussing at me because she is hungry. My mom, stepfather, and many others have picked up the Mac portion of her name and use that almost exclusively. They like to say she is having a "Mac Attack" whenever she is upset. Matt's mom picked up the Kenzie for a while, but I don't know if it will stick, we will see what she calls her when we visit for Thanksgiving next week!

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