Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our giant t-rex

Wednesday, the 24th we had our "20" week ultrasound and doctor's visit. Mattie got off work and seeing as we did not want to know if we have a little boy or a little girl I ate as little sugar as possible in hopes for a nice calm, not flashing baby. As soon as we talked to the ultrasound tech we told her that we did not want to know the sex of the baby. She said that would be no problem. We handed her the disc to record our little baby and got ready for some quality face time. The ultrasound was a long one, there were a lot of measurements and things that needed to be checked. Mattie and I thought it was really cool to see the four chambers of the heart beating away (this is one of the big things they check). Also, the check to make sure there are three blood vessels flowing through the umbilical cord. They took measurements of the abdomen, brain, and head and as far as we could tell everything looked good. The baby weighs about 15 ounces right now.

The doctor did tell me (not to freak is totally common) that the babies placenta is a little too close to the cervix. However, this should move further up as the uterus continues to grow. This only means two things right now: 1) call if there is ANY bleeding (which I would do anyways) and 2) that I get an "extra" ultrasound next visit (yay...more time to see the baby). Other than that, it was a fairly routine visit. I will post pictures of the baby soon, but the baby was still being difficult and wouldn't give us a cute little profile shot. We think it was completely turned away from us. We do have a few things on our "homework" list from the doctor...pre-register at the hospital, find a pediatrician, make sure we get a car seat installed properly...and we added on to read up about the "Bradley" method of labor for our own benefit. So much to do before we meet this giant baby!

The reason we are referring to it as a giant baby is because the ultrasound shows the baby measuring closer to a Halloween birth rather than November 5/6/7. We are not too worried about it either way...we just need to remember to stay away from newborn sized clothing!


The Allisons said...

I have all of the Bradley books if you want to borrow them! We used the Bradley method and LOVED IT!! We took the 12 week course from a Bradley instructor, and it was so informative!
I seriously attribute our healthy, easy pregnancy, labor, and delivery to the bradley method.
Also, I had a low-lying placenta as well that didn't move up until about 32 weeks and we never had any problems. It really is very common.

martha said...

Yay for ultrasounds! Glad to know that everything is (mostly) ok. So exciting! Can't wait to see y'all.

The Howards said...

Cass- I would love to get the books from you! How much was your class? I will call you when I get back from out of town next week to see about meeting up with you.

Martha- Mattie and I will look at our schedule tonight!