Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mayes Family Reunion

This past Saturday we had a little family reunion for Mattie's mom's side of the family. Most of the family are the Mayes' except for Mattie and I's unit which would be the Howards. We had a really good time. The whole family was there except for Matt's sister and brother-in-law Rob and they were missed, but it was good to see everyone else there. All in all we had four generations: Grandma and Grandpa, the four kids (Ron, Gary, Deb, and John), all of their kids, the one birthed great-grandchild, and our little great-grandchild to be. It was definitely warm, but we had a shaded pavilion at Lake Murray (South Oklahoma) to try and stay fairly cool under.

Mattie and I really enjoyed teasing all of the Mayes girls, meeting the newer additions to the family in Valerie and Jamie, and spending time with people we love but may not get to see very often. Grandma and Grandpa seemed very happy with having all of their family surrounding them. Here are some pictures!

Family talk

Mattie and Grandma

Martin, Erica, and Allison playing cards...the girls had a weird obsession with hugging watermelons...

Allison and Erica...Kimi and Heather were too anti-social

Adam and Grandpa
Also, Matt's mom indulged the baby with a few really nice gifts from a store she found in Houston. Here is Matt testing one of the gifts out with his Dad's help!

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McKay said...

Awww, sad I missed it! Glad for the post!