Thursday, June 18, 2009

Half Way Mark!!!

Yay! We are officially half-way (ish) there at 20 weeks! In some ways the past 20 weeks have gone by fast and in other ways they have gone by a little slow. I have truly enjoyed most parts of pregnancy so far. As you can see the baby is expanding quite a bit, but I think the baby goes through little growth spurts. All of this "bumpage" was put on about two weeks ago and I haven't expanded any more since. Last weekend when we were at the Howards I had the future grandfather (who is a doctor) show me where my uterus was. When I lay down you can definitely feel the top of the "baby's room" just under my belly button.

A big change in the past week...this baby likes to move! For the most part the movement is still little flutters, but every once in awhile I get a big "kick" or movement of sorts. A lot of the flutters occur when I am sitting and relaxing and they actually tickle a bit. I laugh so that it feels like I am interacting with the baby a bit more.

Next week we go to the doctor and I leave Saturday for NYC. Hopefully the baby will be nice to me while I am gone for 5 days without Mattie.


McKay said...

I hope baby Howard will be nice to you too!

The Allisons said...

Yay for more "bumpage"
Enjoy all of those flutters and kicks! I still have moments when I feel phantom baby movement, and it makes me nostalgic for the time that I had her all to myself in my belly!!