Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rodeo 2015

I was hesitant about taking the kids to the livestock show this year. I skipped last year because the year before was so crowded that I was completely unable to enjoy it as I kept counting kids the whole time and I felt like the girls learned nothing because the mob was too large and loud. I wanted to give it another whirl and decided to run down there a few weeks ago on a slightly dreary day. I was hoping the mist and prospect of rain would keep crowds away and was met with a fairly enjoyable experience. 

We met up with friends for a bit and watched the kids run around the farm they have set up. It's the girls' favorite part and even Johnny got to participate from his stroller, holding out a basket and taking items as directed. Of course, the girls were most excited about the treat the earned at the end and both opted for a fruit roll up. 

After, we visited the petting zoo and I think the girls and Johnny could have spent the entire day there. Johnny loved reaching out for the animals, especially the alpaca. The girls quickly found the brushes and chased all the animals around, squealing in delight at each new and smaller animal. I am always surprised at how instinctually they care for animals. They know how to be patient and kind and to wait for the animals to approach them. Keegan did have a little issue with a very hungry deer trying to eat her dress. When I say, eat, I mean had at least a foot of fabric down its throat. I'm glad she wasn't able to see it!

We walked around numerous displays and learned about several different animals. Over and over again the girls exclaimed how excited they were to be there and how it was the best day ever. I'm so glad we enjoyed our time and braving the hassle was definitely worth it. Those three kids make it worth it all the time!

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