Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two Recipes

This past weekend, our small group got together to watch the Super Bowl and spend some time together as the "larger" group. We have had to split up into guys and girls because we are simply too prolific and keep having too many kids. There was little opportunity for Bible Study or accountability because we were always running around tending to the kids. So now we alternate Sundays for our split time. Occasionally, like Sunday, we all get together for something more fun.

I made two pinterest recipes to try out and I was fairly pleased with both of them.

The first were these brownies. They were definitely fudgey, but they were pulled out of the oven slightly before suggested time to keep them that way. They were very intensely chocolate and needed either a little less cocoa powder or some sort of salty aspect to balance them out. I also think that I would replace the chocolate chips for chocolate chunks next time. Would I make these again? Maybe. My sister in law who loves chocolate in all of it's intense glory would love these. But she probably wouldn't replace the chocolate chips for chunks, she would add both...

The second was S'Mores treats, which are similar to Rice Krispie Treats, but with Golden Grahams instead of Rice Krispies and the addition of chocolate chips. I used mini chocolate chips for this recipe. I thought these were good, they definitely tasted like a S'More and would be great for an outdoor activity or BBQ where you wanted a S'More, but didn't want the mess. That being said, I would rather have a Rice Krispie Treat. Especially this one...

I was excited to try two things off of Pinterest. There should be little "ribbons" you get for trying something you have Pinned. I would proudly bare these for the try!

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