Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keegan at 3


Today you are 3! Three years ago I was either sitting comfortable in a hospital bed waiting to see what the coming hours would bring or walking the halls, much faster than many laboring moms, seeing if we could get some good contractions going. I was so excited to meet you and now, having known you for the past three years, I was right to be excited. You are fascinating and amazing and you fill our lives and hearts with joy every day. 

Your happiness is contagious. Your crinkled up smile with big brown eyes that disappear into your scrunched up face make us laugh. Your giggles range from courtesy laughs to make others happy to genuine belly laughs that are infectious and make us all smile. You love to laugh at jokes and animals the most, but will also get huge kicks out of silly faces from those that you love. You study books intently, memorizing your favorite parts and answering questions throughout. Disney princess books are your favorite, but you will happily read anything. You love to listen to music and will dance and sing on car rides, at home (with or without accompaniment), and in the store. Just like your sister, your skill for picking up tunes and music is amazing and within a few times of hearing a song you will begin to sing along. You love to play with barbies and dolls, carefully caring for the chosen doll or animal of the day as you rotate through which one has your favor that day. You also love to color and draw and will happily sit at our dining room table and color pictures for friends and family. 

You have been fun at meals as you participate more in choosing your favorite foods and talk and interact with us more as the meal goes on. You love pasta and Mac and cheese, but also love rice, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, raisins, yogurt, all fruit, but especially oranges, oatmeal, and candy! The candy has been fun to watch you with because it's all the rolled over candy from Halloween to Christmas and now valentines day. You only get one piece a day if you eat a good dinner  and it's fun to see which one you pick on a daily basis. Pink is usually the winning decider. 

Speaking of pink, we need to expand your wardrobe to include more of it. You insist on wearing pink most days and will throw a fit if we try to have you wear anything other than a nightgown at night. You love to wear your pink cowgirl boots, but also love the pink hello kitty converse, and pink princess tennis shoes. You see the pattern here right? For several school days you picked out a pink Mexican dress to wear with jeggings and your boots. It was an interesting combo, but you certainly pulled it off! Your hair is also long enough to do more stuff with so we have been putting in a "queen Elsa"  braid most days. You are great about getting your glasses and putting them on, you wear them 95% of waking time if not more. 

You love to play with Lylah and Luke, your very best friends, but you will happily tromp along with anyone. You and Mac play together a lot and do a great job loving on Johnny too. Still, just like we said for the past three years, you are either going 100 mph or you are crashed out. You will either be going and moving and wiggling or snuggled up and about to fall asleep. You love snuggles and will wedge yourself as close to a loved one as you can. 

Keegan you are amazing. You love so fiercely and deeply and have such passion for people and for the things that are important to you. Sometimes it means that you get mad and frustrated, but mostly it is fuel for making others happy and content. I love that you are such a personality and so full of life. It's been so fun to watch you grow and to see you change and, in some ways, stay the same. Your birthday card said it perfectly- "You're an amazing girl! Everyone loves your bright spirit and smile, how you do your own thing with spectacular style! You've got a great shot at your dreams coming true- just keep being joyful, original you!"

Happy Birthday Keegan Joy! Mommy and Daddy love you soooooo much!

Mommy and Daddy

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