Sunday, July 15, 2012

Small update on Keegan Joy

Keegan is the funniest little child I have ever met. One minute she is happy, giggling, and snuggling everyone and everything like crazy and the next minute she is screeching like a wild banshee, completely devastated at who knows what, and is throwing herself on the ground as if her heart has been broken and may not ever heal. I love her passion and that complete unbridled ability to simply feel! But it sometimes breaks my heart that she is so sad about things and I cannot necessarily fix it. She has been trying new things and has turned into quite a climber. She is very happy now that she can climb onto most couches and onto MacKenzie's bed and was trying to climb out of her pack and play (very well I might add) the other day. She only likes to read books when she is sleepy and they really need to have lots of animals and colors to keep her attention. I think she mostly appreciates sitting in someone's lap and being close to them. She is still sucking on her two fingers (middle and ring) and Matt and I wonder if that is why we don't feel like she talks as much as MacKenzie did at her age. We know she can, in fact, today she said, clear as day, "Where is my puppy?", but we don't think she is quite as verbal as Mac. She does say a lot though and is super pleased when people understand what she is saying or referring to. The other day she was sitting in Matt's lap and grabbed his cell phone and held it up to her ear. She then pointed to my phone, furrowed her brow, and said something that sounded like "get it". I took a wild guess and grabbed my phone holding it up to my ear and said hello. She got the biggest smile on her face and we had a nice little conversation that way!

Keegan's favorite food is hands down anything that involves tomatoes. She likes most other foods and will try anything that we are eating, but she is crazy for tomatoes and tomato sauce. She is doing well mastering utensils, but we often have to stab her food on her fork for her and then she will put it in her mouth. She can also get very picky about what she wants her next bite to be and if you stab the wrong food item she will shake her head wildly, screech, take it off the fork, then point at what she actually wanted! She likes to wipe her own mouth and hands after meal time and loves participating in bath time by helping Daddy wash her and her sister. She is still taking a huge afternoon nap (1 until 5 and sometimes 6), but she has always been a sleepy head. She is a sturdy little walker and loves to be chased and to chase after her sister or anyone who will play with her. If she cannot find someone to play with her, she is also perfectly content to collect as many stuffed animals and babies to be her little brood and will rock, pet, and feed them with toy bottles, her own sippy cup, or actual snacks.

Our little imp 

 Yes, she is drinking the tomato sauce

No words for capturing this beauty 

She only barely tolerated a handful of pics at Matt's parents house 

A doll and a puppy! What a catch!

I love my little snuggle bug. She gives the best hugs, where she throws her arms around your neck and squeezes all she can. She wants to be around people so badly and loves to observe everyone and their interactions. She is so comfortable with herself and I hope she stays that way. I thank God for her every day, she makes us very, very happy!

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