Monday, January 24, 2011


Some of my resolutions I am doing great on...I have been eating more fruits and veggies as promised and working on the whole grains. In conjunction with that, I am trying to "clean out" the pantry and freezer so I can have a better sense of what we have and we are trying to buy only what we need. I took MacKenzie to story time at the library a few weeks ago and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, but for all the "wrong" reasons. Instead of standing and dancing by Mommy like all the other kids, she decided to run around waving at all the other mommies, tried to distract the other kids, then spotted the door out and tried to escape. O-well, she smiled and laughed the whole time which was the point of the trip. We will try again soon. I have not been walking as planned because we have had some nasty weather recently. Two weeks ago it rained almost every day, last week it was really cold every day, and I woke up this morning to more rain. Maybe God is using the weather to tell me to take it easy.

Just wanted to keep everyone posted on that...I know you are all so interested!!!

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