Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflection 2010/ Resolution 2011

I think I failed pretty misearably at my resolutions for last year. I have worked out less this year than in the past years prior, I eat healthy in spurts, the house feels less organized, and who knows what else I am doing "wrong"... :0)

None of it matters though because our little family is happy and healthy and we are all growing. So here we are on to resolutions for the next year...

In regards to MacKenzie- I would like to take her on more educational outings and activities geared towards her learning. I have recently read that goals/resolutions need to be specific in nature so I would like to take her out at least twice a month for things that are specifically MacKenzie focused. She does great running errands with me and I know those are good for her learning as well, but with the new baby coming I would like to get her involved in some "big girl" activities too. We will be checking out some of the classes at the library, maybe going to the zoo very soon, going to The Children's Museum, and I would like to see how she does at a bounce place (kinesthetic learning is important too). Does anyone know of any spring time pick your own fruits and veggie places? I would like to check that out as well.

In regards to Matt- we are working on his "job situation". I would like to continue giving him several hours each week to work on job applications and networking opportunities and just providing general support for him. We have a bit of a deadline we have set for ourselves because we have discussed the idea that if he does not have a new position by the end of March, we might send me back to work and give him time to take off to get his MBA. So this resolution/goal is very flexible.

In regards to me- I still would like to exercise more/eat healthy. One of our more recent goals is working on portion control so I would like to work on that. This one is kind of hard to set a specific for, in regards to eating out, I would like us to share dinners more frequently. In regards to eating at home, I would like to eat a piece of fruit or a veggie with each meal (I do great at dinner, but not at breakfast and lunch) and I would like to eat whole grains more often (any ideas on how to measure this). For exercise (the non-chasing a toddler around kind) I would like to take MacKenzie on a walk three times a week (at least) until the baby comes. After the baby comes we can re-evaluate walks vs. work out videos when feeling up to it again.

In regards to our home- we really are working on organizing, mainly because we have to. The extra bed room can no longer be a dumping ground because it will soon be resided in. After we get that organized we will have to tackle the garage. I would like to have everything in an organized box/put away before the baby comes, but if it takes all year then so be it. I would also like to work on a more consistent tidy/cleaning routine. Any good ideas for "scheduling" your cleaning days? We are also (in conjunction with the job search) working on our budget/paying off debt/saving. I have a budget in mind that I would really like to stick to with hopes of having "extra" money at the end of each month.

So we will see how this goes. It really does help that nesting hormones have kicked in even more right with the new year so I think as long as I don't push myself too hard a lot of the organizing (which is always the hardest for me) can get done.

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