Friday, December 31, 2010


Our Christmas this year was amazing! Matt had the whole day off, making it our first Christmas Eve ever that we have had the day off together. We relaxed in the morning as we had all of our shopping and baking done ahead of time which made for a nice way to spend time as a family. I went to my very first Christmas Eve service and really enjoyed the candlelight portion of the service. We were stunned on our way out by a very heavy falling of "Texas/Houston Snow" (a downpour) and had to be very careful driving after that. We spent time at my mom's house with my mom's side of the family, our dear friends the Medlins, and my grandmother on the other side. It was nice to talk with family we don't necessarily see very often. Christmas morning was all ours and we woke MacKenzie up (how many more Christmases will we get to say that?) to have belgian waffles with homemade peach sauce. We had her open her presents (one toy, one book, one new outfit) and we also gave her a kitchen we got off of craigslist. She enjoyed her presents, but really liked trying to put the paper back on the packages, standing in front of the tree dancing, and pushing around a box with all of her toys inside. Matt and I set a budget for our gifts this year (just as we do every year) and we were both able to find some really good items for one another. That afternoon we spent with my Dad's side of the family and had our usual appetizers (everyone else had Jack and Coke too), with a "formal" sit down meal, and presents. MacKenzie slept through dinner (just like she did at Thanksgiving), but enjoyed presents and a movie with the family. She really liked the Grinch doll my Dad and Debra got her! Matt's side of the family got a little disheveled because of Rob's assignment with the military so we came up to College Station and exchanged presents with Matt's parents and grandparents, but we will not get to see the siblings until MLK weekend. It will be nice to see them soon!

The day after church they sang a new song that I have been trying to keep in mind for the past week...Happy Day after Christmas and Merry rest of the year! Stay safe this New Years Eve and a multitude of blessings to all of our friends and family in 2011!

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