Thursday, November 18, 2010


We had a great Halloween this year. I decided not to get MacKenzie a costume but opted for a halloween shirt instead. We really enjoyed our church fall festival and visiting with all of our friends. We were looking forward to it last year, but MacKenzie decided to come the day of the fall festival. Cypress Bible puts on a great fall festival with tons of candy for the kids, jump houses, hot dogs and popcorn, and other fun activities. One thing I will definitely do different next year is to enter into the chili cook off. I felt intimidated this year, but feel like I could make a good running in the cook off!

For the actual Halloween day we went to a friends house for chili and to sit in the driveway handing out candy. The kids had fun visiting a few houses and it was nice enough weather that we all enjoyed fresh air on the driveway. MacKenzie had a taste of chocolate, but nothing to extravagant.

Halloween next year should be interesting...I better start teaching her to say "thank you" right now!

This is a picture of Baby Jonathan making the moves on Mac:

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