Tuesday, November 30, 2010

13+ months


I am not sure if we will keep up with this every month, but I promise to do a little update every once in awhile to let you know how you are doing!

In short- you are a wonderful little child! You are so quickly changing into a little girl and not just our baby. You are so independent, very free willed, and extremely stubborn. Everyone is surprised by how you will play for a long amount of time on your own and only come back to me or others on occasion for a quick little snuggle or to show us something you are proud of. We have been having trouble with you exerting your own will a bit more that we would like, but the main problem is you throwing food off the high chair tray. Hopefully with consistent discipline that will be fixed by the time you are old enough to read these posts!

You are an official toddler, we will give you credit for real, continuous steps over the entire Thanksgiving week (I am not picking a day so that all of the families who got to see some of your first 100 steps can feel proud). You are very sure of yourself even if you do look a little like a lumbering Frankenstein monster when you walk. If you fall you either pick yourself up right away or think about it for a minute before crawling to the destination of choice. You have figured out that it is easier to hold things or to carry larger objects when walking which you like...especially to carry around some of the stuffed puppies you like to play with. You love music and sometimes Daddy and I have to sing to you if you are crying in the car...seriously that is one of the only things that will work. Any time you hear music you start to bounce, whether sitting or standing you will bop to the beat of the song playing. We are trying to get you to move your arms when dancing too, although I am not sure you should take dancing advice from either of your parents. You really like to play with your Little People Noah's Ark and Farm set that we got at a garage sale for your birthday. You like to pull Noah out and play with him and you also enjoy the sheep and chicken on the farm set.

Lately you have been really into books and will insist (by saying "buhk" repeatedly) we read to you. You will pull out your basket of books, sort through them, and climb into our laps to read. You like turning the page and will point to different things in each book. Some of your favorites are the Red Tractor book, Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, and the Touch and Feel books. Honestly though, you love them all. After dinner, Daddy always tries to read several books to you while Mommy is rinsing the dishes and resting for a bit. I think it is one of our favorite times of day (all of us). You are enjoying snuggles in general more and more and love to make us laugh and smile. Sometimes you will fake laugh because we are laughing just to be apart of us!

You are working on words and understanding us more and more. You say: book, mama, dada, puppy, duck, all done, right there/there, bow, bear, banana, balloon and a few other words. If we ask you where your hair is you will point to or grab your hair, same for tummy and we are working on nose (but you like to point to our noses). You can point out ball, puppies, your toy car, balloons, and fans if we ask. You use the sign for airplane, more, and milk the most, but understand and sometimes use all done and fan as well.

Today we were excited because you drank from a straw for the first time, you never had the patience to suck the liquid all the way up the straw! You are hit or miss on food these days. There aren't any foods you dislike (except you never eat lettuce...it must be hard to chew though), but you will only eat something if you are in the mood for it. We try to offer you a variety of foods at every meal so you get a lot of fruits, veggies, and protein. You really enjoy yogurt, mac and cheese (just like one of your nick names), pizza, bananas, and green beans. Fruit in general is a winner on most days and you will often eat bread or pasta. Meats you are pickier about but I think it is a texture thing. You have 6 full teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom) and two bottom teeth poking through. You have hardly fussed about the teeth, but you did get a little cold which was tough, but meant extra snuggle time (including holding you while you slept!!!) for Mommy!

You are sleeping great and you go right to bed when we put you down. This will be very helpful when your younger sibling comes along in 14 weeks or so!

Thank you for being a wonderful part of our lives!
We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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