Monday, April 19, 2010

Oops...24 weeks has long passed...


Sorry it has taken me so long to write...we have been very busy the past 5 weeks. You got to spend your very first spring break in a wild way...just got to hang out with Mommy all week. We spent the week relaxing together and visiting with family and friends. I refused to bring any work or grading home so that I would be 100% devoted to you. It was a good decision! We had lunch with my dad, spent the day with my mom, took Chick-Fil-A to Karlin and Henry, visited with Crystal at Newks, and celebrated my birthday 4 times! You and Mommy got to experience your very first crawfish boil together while we watched the Aggies play in the NCAA basketball tournament. Another big social first was that Mommy and Daddy got to go on our first official date night while you hung out with Grammy KiKi and Papi. Because I am late in writing this, I am glad to say that Mommy and Daddy have been out on another date since then!

We celebrated Easter with you this year and spent lots of time with friends from church. I am looking forward to next year when we can help you find eggs. You looked very pretty in your easter dress and I am glad that we went with a simple cotton dress. We went to have tapas with the Medlins who we have been spending a lot of time with lately. It is good that we are all getting along great because they have a new little girlfriend named Avah for you to play with!

You have definitely gotten more social over the past few weeks. You gladly smile at anyone who gives you attention. You make Daddy work harder than Mommy for those smiles and laughs, but once either of us get you started, it is hard to control your laughter! You love to be tickled and bounced. You love grabbing our arms or face as we play or talk with you. Lately you have become a big fan of the exersaucer and will play contently for quite some time. If we put you on your stomach for tummy time you will "swim" for a few minutes then lay your head down. You haven't crawled at all yet, but we aren't worried about it. You have begun sitting on your own, with Mommy or Daddy there to catch you if you fall to hard.

You nurse a lot, but your bottles at the sitters very each day. You always eat well at Grammy KiKi's house, but eat less for the sitters. You love to nurse for me and will drift off in my arms after school. I followed my instincts and went ahead and started a little bit of solids. We put you in the bumbo and Daddy or I will feed you a bit while the other person makes dinner. Then you sit happily with us as we enjoy our dinner. You have eaten oatmeal (which you are indifferent about), carrots (ok), sweat peas (you loved), sweet potatoes (ok), and squash (pretty good). You are only getting a tablespoon or two of these so most of your food is definitely still from nursing. You get mad when Mommy drinks from a straw or cup and doesn't offer you any. You will put the straw in your mouth, look disgusted, and try again. You are still working on that concept!

MacKenzie, you are simply the coolest kid. In the past 5 weeks, we have had ONE rough night with you so we do not complain. Everyone comments about how good of a baby you are and we agree. Nobody minds watching you because you are so mellow and happy. We love you for all that you are and appreciate the time spent with you so far!

Mommy and Daddy

Pictures to come!

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