Saturday, February 6, 2010

16 weeks


The months are simply flying by. I have had friends tell me that each month that passes will be your favorite month and they really are telling the truth. This past month you have truly developed into a baby who loves to be social and interact with others. You have gone from inconsolable crying when you wake up, to crying to get our attention and smiling when we go to get you from your naps! You smile almost every time you see us and it makes us so happy to know that, to some degree, we are making you happy too! You laugh at Mama a lot, especially when she is doing something silly. You are usually a bit more serious with Dada, but I think it is because you are playing coy with him. You are already learning how to manipulate your father, neither of us are sure what to think about that! There have been several times in the past month that you have been upset and look over at your swing or activity mat. We put you down expecting you to get even more upset, but this has been the very thing you wanted. You LOVE to play on your activity mat. You squeal, smile, and talk to the star who smiles down on you and you have definitely learned that if you kick the right way to move the star then he (or she) will play music as the lights flicker on and off for your eyes to see. You have also begun raising your legs at a 90 degree angle, holding them there, then slamming them onto the ground as hard as you can. I think you like the way the floor moves underneath you or maybe you just like how strong and powerful you are becoming. You consistently roll from your back to your side and are very close to rolling all the way onto your tummy.

MacKenzie, you are so very strong. You like to stand up on your legs and look at us with glee as if to say "Look what I can do". We always joke with family and friends that you think you are older than you are. You so want to talk and move around with the rest of us! We are trying to enjoy each stage that we can, while encouraging you to grow up in your own time...parenting is so bittersweet! You are eating well, both nursing and taking the bottle, but you have begun to reach the stage where you will get distracted as you eat. It is fun to watch you smile as you nurse or when daddy feeds you a bottle all we see is gums!

You are becoming more and more portable and we love taking you places with us! Recently, we took you up to College Station so Mommy and Daddy could go to the Aggie game, we knew it would be too loud for you. We did take you to the basketball game at Mommy's school, you slept while we all cheered and screamed for the team. After, Daddy took us out to a pizza date and it was wonderful, I hope he continues to treat his girls!

We love you so much MacKenzie and love where this journey is taking us! Thanks for all of the great memories!
Mommy and Daddy

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