Sunday, March 29, 2009


I rather enjoy cake. A simple statement for what can be viewed as either a simple or very complex food. Over the years, the relationship between cake and I has changed. For my first two or three birthdays rumor has it that I did not eat my birthday cake and had a total aversion to sweets in general. Slowly, I learned to appreciate sweets, but had never been overly ga-ga over them. I have learned to appreciate cake when it is good. I can be snotty about a lot of food...cake is no exception. I rarely waste time with a cake that is what I would consider to be dry...or does not have good icing...or is just not right... I have also learned to really appreciate an enjoy a slice of cake that has been sitting in the fridge. You hand me a slice of good homemade cake that is cold and I am one happy little foodie.

As the years went on I witnessed my mother making a particular cake for friends and family. The German Chocolate Cake had been made into something of legend. Three people in particular always requested the German Chocolate Cake: my Grandaddy, my Daddy-o, and our neighbor Choc (nicknamed such because of his intense love for Chocolate). When I became old enough, I graduated from sifting flour for Dad's biscuits to number one assistant to helping mom make this cake. It is an intense and long process for the first cake maker. You have to sift the dry ingredients, you have to use a creaming method for the butter and sugar, you have to fold in the egg whites. There is absolutely no way around it if you want the lightest possible cake. Helping my mom make this cake, seeing the love she poured into it, seeing her fret over it being light enough or moist enough, then seeing the satisfaction on the faces of the people we loved as they took their first (and second and third and fourth) bite, I knew that taking an hour or two out of my time would not be a weekly occurrence, but one that was reserved and well worth it for special occasions and special people. The trickiest part of the cake is the icing. The cake itself will reward you with soft, delicate chocolate flavor if you take the time to follow the instructions. The icing will turn on you faster than a former Texas A & M basketball coach. You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT follow the instructions on the icing. If you will not taste smooth, buttery, and luscious. The icing has to be cooked at least three times as long as the instructions say in order for the sugar to cook all the way. I recommend cooking this cake and icing it a day before you need it. If you let the icing settle into the cake you will be much happier with your results. Here are pictures...

The cake itself...

The cake as a Box of Chocolates Grooms 
Cake for my Step-father

The recipe is not comes from Bakers Chocolate German Chocolate. The recipe can be found on any Bakers German Chocolate Box (with an ingredient list conveniently posted on the outside) or here. One day, you will have a Saturday or Sunday with little or nothing to do...make it...enjoy it...then make it for someone you love.

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