Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ashley and the Chocolate Factory

Over the years I have developed an increasing love for chocolate. As a kid I was not crazy about chocolate. I would much prefer a white cake with white icing (with the exception of a home-made German chocolate cake...but that is different) and I figured who would want a chocolate bar when you could have sour patch kids (I might still feel that way). As I grew older however, I was slowly introduced to the fact that there was more to chocolate than store-bought cakes or a plain Hershey bar. I truly believe that, as a child, your taste buds cannot possibly understand the complexities of dark chocolate. However, dark chocolate is chocolate at it's best and it is what made me a chocolate lover. There is something almost addicting about taking a dark chocolate dove promise and eating it in four tiny little bites. The chocolate is so rich and luscious that you do not even have to merely let the bite sit in your mouth and let the chocolate infuse your senses with pleasure. Once I discovered that not all chocolate was cheap chocolate...I was hooked. I will still rarely waste my time with store bought chocolate cake and you will rarely see me choosing a Hershey bar to consume, but put a dove promise in front of me or a good slice chocolate cake from the Taste of Texas (another post, another day) and a chocolate fanatic emerges from deep inside me.

These chocolate balls (sorry- there is no other way to describe them) were quite popular this year for the holidays. They are easy to make and fun to gu
ssy up! At the party I first tried them at I was tantalized by their soft, cake like texture surrounded by the hard chocolate shell. The person I was visiting with kept on insisting that it was oreo flavored. Seeing as I had already consumed several other desserts and a huge mug of hot chocolate, my taste buds could not detect that distinct oreo flavor. She was, however, correct.
Take 1 package of Oreos and combine in food processor with 1 regular cream cheese (I like to do this in two batches- keeps it more manage
Place mixture in fridge for at least one hour (the mixture should look like tar).
Melt chocolate bark in microwave.
Use cookie scoop to dish out oreo balls a
nd drop into chocolate.
I like to use a fork to remove the balls and place on wax paper. 
They will be set in about a minute and ready to enjoy or refrigerate them for later.

If you desire, before they set up (this is better with two people) dust some of the balls with Cinnamon or crushed up candy canes.

The other yummy dessert is these chocolate chocolate chip cookies that I found the recipe for online. 

The recipe is good but I make two modifications.
 First, add a dash of cinnamon to the recipe. Second, I like to use a combo of regular chocolate chips and mini chocolate chips. The two have different temperatures at which they melt at thus creating  different textures in the cookie. This makes a big batch so you can be ready to share...or not...!

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The Allisons said...

So many things in this post made me squeal in delight!

1) I have to make those oreo balls; seriously they sound deadly!

2) Your mention of Taste of Texas made my mouth water uncontrollably! I basically refuse to eat steak now unless it is from there. Also, on the dessert front, their pecan pie is to die for!!!!