Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two things

I have two different things I want to write about in this post. The first is the concept of the drive-in movie. The second is the spins on Breakfast food (and time) that Mattie and I enjoy.

First, the drive in is a wonderful place that most people have only heard of in stories of days long past. About a year ago, our wonderful pals Crystal and Darren invited us to tag along to the drive in theater in Tomball. Not only is it a wonderful way to get fresh air and entertainment all in one, but it is a really cheap date. Two movies for the low price of $5 (That is U.S. dollars Martha...he he) and the added bonus of sneaking in food and having plenty of room in your car (rather than your purse or pockets) to do so. Technically you are sneaking in food because the "rules" say that no outside food or beverage is allowed in. I believe (and maybe falsely so) that this is more of a technically published in order to free the drive in of any liability. Their concession choices are decent and are a very good price, but it is better to buy treats and snacks to enjoy from the comforts of the bed of your truck. Usually Mattie and I make supreme sub sandwiches with real deli meat, special cheese, and all the fixings (especially avocado) on good bakery bread. In fact I am not entirely sure that we have ever made anything else to take with us to the drive in. I like the concept of fried chicken (just as delicious cold as it is hot), but Mattie does not like (or appreciate) that idea. Any additional ideas are much appreciated (keep in mind my carnivorous husband). We also always take chips or other salty snacks and an assortment of jelly beans, chocolates, or other sweet treats. This past weekend (we saw Eagle Eye- eh and House bunny- predictably funny and sweet) and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Our new non-alcoholic beverage of choice- Fresca (yummy grapefruit soda) mixed with pomegranate juice (it is so hot right now). Try the drive in, you will have a blast.

Now on to bigger and better things- Breakfast food breakthroughs! This summer, after a stroke of genius (and I know this has probably been made before), Mattie and I (and by both I mean myself) made breakfast quesadillas. What? you might is that so? It sounds so crazy that it just might work. It does work and I will tell you, it requires very little else than the addition of a single ingredient, substitution of another, and openmindedness. The addition of the single ingredient- eggs. You have to have eggs in a breakfast undertaking of this magnitude. I recommend scrambled, in fact I have never tried any other type of cooked egg. The substitution- switch out the fajita meat for sausage, bacon, or ham. Trust me it is delicious! Other than that, you would proceed as normal with making your cheese, flour tortilla, and heat combination that you always would. Please try it. If you feel that a breakfast quesadilla is too much for you to handle and you wish to proceed with caution, try one of my favorites from Madden's (oh- the posts that need to be devoted to Madden's) a breakfast tostada. Again scramble your egs and pile on top of a tostada shell with regular tostada toppings (I suppose you could try breakfast nachos- see earlier post).

In addition to breaking out of the breakfast box, as many of you guys also partake, we thoroughly enjoy having brinner (breakfast at dinner time...brinner). When blueberries are in season we have a tendency to eat fresh blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup and venison sausage. It is a nice break from regular dinner food and Mattie and I do not always have time for big and delicious breakfasts so dinner is a good replacement!


martha said...

I am always very hungry after reading your blog. Now I really want a sub sandwich, Howard style.

Ashley Howard said...

whenever you come see us, I will make you ANYTHING you want!!!

Jenn said...

We love breakfast quesadillas! Really enjoy the posts, keep em coming.

McKay said...

mmm... Madden's... wow.

he he. So hot right now. he he.