Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pizza! Pizza!

Thursday night we went to a pizza place that is very dear to my heart. I remember going to Fuzzy's (on Antoine) since at least middle school. I am aware of middle school because it is where I celebrated my birthday in 7th grade. We also celebrated my birthday there year before last, mom and Fred's birthday this year and Thursday we celebrated the birthday of Sarah F. (stands for freaking) Murphy. Fuzzy's pizza is indescribable. The pizza is not thin, but it is neither hand tossed or Chicago style either. It is a thicker crust, but is often so laden with toppings that the first few bites of pizza have to be consumed with knife and fork. Once you reach the last three inches or so of your slice it is then pick-up-able. The topping selection is tremendous. They are both fresh and bountiful on the pie of your choice. Matt and I really enjoy that Fuzzy's is the favorite Pizza place of George H.W. Bush. We always try to sit in the seats under his autographed pictures in hopes that one day we will be asked to move for H.W. himself. Hopefully at that point he would recognize me as the delightful young lady that waited on him at Cafe Eccell in 2006. He would also then notice that, yes, we were consuming the pizza named after H.W. and ask us to join him. Regardless of this event ever actually occurring, we do always order his namesake pizza. Besides the usual sauce and cheese, it is topped with pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, onions, mushroom, ham, and the best addition that makes it different from any other supreme pizza- artichoke. Artichokes are quickly becoming one of my favorite foods so I rather enjoy that they are on one of my favorite non-Lombardi's pizza (oh...Lombardi's...more on Lombardi's some other time).  On this most recent visit because we were celebrating Sarah's birthday we indulged in dessert. Why, oh why had we not indulged before?!?! We ordered cheesecake (SMurphs favorite) and Chocolate cake (Matties favorite and becoming mine more and more each day). I have never tasted such wonderfully pure and simple desserts at a restaurant before. They were completely unpretentious, served to us in a plastic to-go container and styrofoam plate sans sauce or any other garnish. This my friends, is due to the fact that they needed nothing for them to stand out as top notch wonderfulness. The cheesecake was perfectly cheesey with a good thickness of moist graham cracker crust and a very rich but not gummy consistency. The chocolate cake knocked my socks off. It was pure, rich, almost dark but not quite, moist chocolate cake. It had a good amount of thick, fudgy icing without taking away from the actual cake. I had a predicament in deciding which to take my next bite out of. From this point on we will be ordering a slice of pizza each and saving room for dessert. The drink selection is appropriate for Matt and I seeing as we can order Shiner Bock (or a selection of other domestic bottled beers) to accompany our pizza. There is also wine and soda, but sadly no Smirnoff (sorry Smurph). 


sarahmurphy3412 said...

'sorry Smurph'-no need! I feasted upon delicious pizza and quality beer and dessert...ohhhhh the dessert. All in all,the perfect b-day dinner:)

McKay said...

Wow. my whole mouth just filled with saliva.