Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beach Days!

We spent two mornings at the beach on our vacation. Both on the way to Orlando and on the way back, we stopped in Destin overnight and for a couple hours playing in the sand and in the water. We like the convenience of our hotel, the same one we stayed at two years ago, because of it's close proximity to the water. We only have to walk 100 feet or so to get to the white powdery sand which is helpful for adults and kids!

The girls love the beach and would have gladly spent days running up and down the beach, in and out of the water, and rolling around in the dry sand and the wet sand along the surf. They loved chasing birds and looking for other animals and Mac really liked finding seashells to bring home. Some of them have even been colored!

Johnny loved the water and beach too, enough that he tried to consume it on several occasions. It was slightly disturbing to hear the crunch and crackle of sand between his teeth, knowing there was no way to get it all out until we went back up to our hotel room. He would have gladly scootched into the ocean, never to be seen again, much like Keegan was when she was little. He tried desperately to keep up with the girls, scootching, crawling, and even some standing along the beach to explore along with them. He loved the water and was hardly phased when a wave would knock him over.


The beach provided us with some great family time, but it also provided the opportunity for the kids to get out some energy in the middle of our long road trip. We are glad we took the time, instead of pushing straight through each leg of the trip. It also meant that we could stop at Shake's for frozen custard and we discovered a great, Freebird's or Chipotle style place outside of Destin, called Burritos del Sol. Their food was crazy good, really fresh with delicious sauces and toppings (I got a baja style shrimp quesadilla with pineapple salsa). We highly recommend both places for a great treat if you are in the area.

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