Monday, April 7, 2014


I've said it before, my life is busy. Sometimes busier than I want it to be. However, I find it fulfilling, pouring into others fills my cup too. I'm working hard to find that theoretical balance that the latent, hiding, obsessive compulsive side of me wants to take over and micromanage. I'm on the verge of letting her out, scheduling and controlling everything, letting her leave no room for spontaneity or freedom. 

While I fight that urge, I work on figuring out what works best for us. Trying to find the balance between all the side jobs, working with Johnny, spending quality time with the girls, promoting Tiny Blessings, and being with friends and family. Oh yeah, and Matt needs time with me too! I have a full post about the amazing partner he is and how we work so well to manage our lives together. 

Today I think I found a good balance. I just have to rinse, wash, repeat to see if works again. We had breakfast with a friend which ended with a bit of therapy work for Johnny, grocery shopping, lunch and relaxing, straightening up, working with Johnny more, and the kids enjoying the sunshine while I made a couple hats for those precious babies in the NICU. While this may seem a bit ordinary and mundane for most, this is the balance that I have to try and find. I tend to be a person of extremes and many of my days quickly get turned into one extreme or another. A breakfast with a friend will turn into adventures and friend hopping all day, killing any productivity. Or a cleaning hour will turn into detailed decluttering of a single closet while the kids are ignored as much as possible all day (don't worry, I throw down lunch and snacks). Or a relaxing show will turn into incessant movie watching until Matt comes home and we are all in our jammies still! And not that those aren't bad from time to time, I just can't fall into a pattern of extremes. 

So here is to a successful today and hoping for a successful tomorrow. 

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