Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This summer

I had a blast with the girls this summer and am very happy to be continuing that time at home with them! We tried to do many things with them over the hot months, some of which worked out better than others...

Going on a little family trip to Galveston (previously posted about) was pretty good. We learned a few things about traveling as a family and overall I think the girls had a good time. 

We grew some Baby Raptor! This is what I looked like a long, long time ago. This pregnancy has been a little tougher. With all of the emotions of learning about our diagnosis, the extra hormones surging through my body, and the fact that my bones, ligaments, and joints are a little loose from having three in three have been a bit of a challenge. However, we are still very, very happy to be expecting this little one! 

We do a lot of reading and not much laundry in our house :) MacKenzie loves to read, she always has and that love has merely grown over the past few months. She has started reading more to herself and trying to remember what is on each page of her favorite books. Keegan is getting more into books, but she likes certain books only. We also go to the library somewhat regularly to check out new books, find Signing Time DVDs, and explore in a very well air conditioned environment.  

We did a lot of exploring and walking. This is at Dee and Doc's house, but we also have been exploring the Children's Museum (thanks to MiMi and PawPaw for our membership), we have walked a lot of malls trying to get Auntie Crystal to go into labor, explored some parks, and our own neighborhood a lot.

One of our favorite activities this summer was blueberry picking. We went a total of three times and really enjoyed it. The place we went was family owned, had a great price, and didn't mind how much you grazed while you picked. When we got home each time we would eat a handful or two fresh, then washed and froze the rest. I have been slowly portioning out the frozen ones so we might have blueberry muffins at least once a month until next summer when we can pick more!

In addition to these things we have gone swimming and to a couple splash pads, spent time with friends and family, and have just enjoyed ourselves in what was a fairly mild summer. I really enjoy and treasure my time at home with the girls and think they enjoy it as well!

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