Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 months for Keegan


You have now been with us for five months and you are growing into your own little person more and more each day. It is so much fun to watch you grow and learn every day. You definitely have your own little looks and your own personality and it is fun to compare and contrast that to your sister. Speaking of your sister, she has grown to love you more and more. I love to watch you guys laugh at each other and she has grown very protective of you. If someone else is stopping to talk to or look at you she gets very protective and will try to push them away. I hope it is a sign of a wonderful relationship to come. I love watching you look up at the people you look at people with big "moon-y" eyes like you are blissfully happy with them. I think those eyes are going to captivate a lot of people in your life!

You are rolling over from back to tummy easily now. You started doing that consistently about two weeks ago. You will lift your legs up into the air and then swing them to the side which usually gives you enough momentum to roll all the way onto your tummy. You can also roll from tummy to back, but do so less often (usually you will roll around the most in your crib). You love to move and kick your legs while you are on your tummy to scootch yourself forward or around in a circle. You are also playing and interacting more and more with your toys and bring them into your mouth. You like to watch the lights on the little musical toys that we have for you and will move your head a lot to see what is around you. You prefer to sit up and watch what is going on rather than laying down. We think you are trying to catch up with MacKenzie as fast as you can. You will also reach out for our faces and have started pulling mommy's hair.

You eat very efficiently and stretch out your feedings as much as you can. You will eat about every 3-4 hours and only like to nurse for about 15 minutes at a time. It really helps when we want to go and do things that you are so chill about eating. We will probably start you on solids at some point this month, but cannot decide what method to go with...I guess we will discuss that next month! We have given you teeny tastes of things and when you are awake at dinner time we will sit you in the bumbo with us at the table and give you a spoon to "practice". You have started smiling a bit when nursing which is a nice change of pace from the concerned look you used to have.

You sleep well, you picked up your 5 am feeding for a few days, but I think it was just a growth or development spurt. You are back to sleeping pretty consistently through the night (10-7) and I have found that it is helpful to do a little cluster feed with you at night to get that to stretch out a bit. You are usually taking two big naps (2-3 hours, one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and will doze off and on in the evening. Your awake times are getting longer and you are very alert and good natured. The past couple of days you have started to "sing" to yourself as you drift off to sleep with your two middle fingers in your mouth.

You laugh a lot and love when we blow raspberries in your neck and on your cheeks. Just like your sister you like when we make your legs go froggy while laying on your back. That is the best way to get you to crack up laughing. You are very vocal and will talk to yourself for long stretches of time. People always ask if you are upset and I have to reassure them that you are just talking and seeing what your vocal range is. You have also started talking/squawking for a bit, then laughing at the sounds you make.

We love you Keegan...for all the ways you fit into our family and help make it more complete. Thank you for blessing us this past month.

Mommy and Daddy

Not sure if I posted the above picture already, but it is my favorite picture of you so far!

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