Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One smart cookie

I should start by saying that MacKenzie loves raisins. She will easily polish off a regular size box of raisins as a snack. We are fine with that because surely she is getting some vitamins and nutrition from the dried fruit! We often find her "foraging" for raisin boxes, in her bag, on the dining room table, looking in the pantry...she can't get enough of them. She will drag the box around the house, shake it until it opens everywhere, and then eat them off the floor. Recently I found her surrounded by raisins on the floor and as I was trying to gather them she would grab for them. This was funny in itself, but as she grabbed for them, 10 raisins would fall out of her hand. It was very cute.

This morning she found an almost empty box of raisins on the table. She grabbed it and brought it over to me shrieking in delight and shaking it as voraciously as she could. When she couldn't get it open, I obliged and poured the raisins into my hand so she could partake. The empty box sat on my leg waiting for her to want to play with it. When there were about 10 raisins left in my hand, she stopped eating them. She then grabbed the box, opened the flap all the way, and began delicately putting each raisin back into the box! I was surprised by her precise movements and how deliberate she was in her actions. She put each raisin back in the box then spent the next few minutes closing the flap. The little smartie got the flap perfectly closed on the box except for one of the little side tabs. She then proceeded to open the box, pour them out, and repeat the process all over again. She slowly ate her raisins as she played with the box for 15 minutes.

I might just be a proud Mama, but I think that is pretty good for a not even one year old! Let's just go ahead and enroll her in college classes!!!

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mmnevill said...

At that age, and for a a long time after, one of Addie's favorite things to do was to take out, put in, line up, transfer, and take out again. Any group of things would do. Acorns, magnets, Goldfish, little toys, etc. It is really amazing to see them do that sort of stuff. Any toys that have several specific pieces with specific places they go (nesting cups, farm sets, etc.) were a huge hit.